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6 Mistakes to avoid when building a brand

You can assume that most of your competitors are going to be customer oriented. So what happens in the marketplace? Everyone winds up with a similar product.Back in 2009, we began working for Great Wall Motor in China. The research we received from the client told us that Chinese buyers preferred se …

Why Small Businesses need strong logos

You’ve heard the saying about how we get only one chance to make a good first impression. For a small business, branding is that opportunity. And more often than not, it’s a missed opportunity.In my opinion, roughly 95 percent of small businesses have a poor logo — meaning it delivers a neutral or n …

4 Questions that Unlock Brand Potential

In the broadest sense, brands constitute the organising mechanism to help us navigate through each day. What we drink, eat, or drive, what products we use at home and at work, where we play or vacation, where we live, what we watch, what we read, and even who we interact with, and how, are arguably …
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The look and feel of your website

Your website’s overall look and feel is important because it instantly conveys an attitude to your clients before they even start reading the content on the site.Though there is some leeway within general industry categories, users can get confused or turned off by websites that look or feel too far …
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Your Business DNA

A company is a living, breathing body.  It grows, changes and responds to a variety of outside factors. Every business, no matter the size, age, or type has a distinctive DNA, the internal genetic code that carries all the information about how the business will look and function.A clearly articulat …
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The Secrets of SEO

Over the years, SEO has undergone significant changes, especially because of how search engines are now focusing on improved user experiences.For the experienced experts in SEO Bella Vista, the secret behind success has more to do with common sense than anything else. People on the internet are look …