High Powered
Brand Begins with
Great Strategy


At The Branding Lab, we believe your journey to a high profile, high powered brand begins with great strategy. This belief is why we love to begin the branding process with our discover workshop. This is where we learn about you, your business, your aspirations, points of difference, and how you want to be perceived by your customers. From our workshop we compile your brand DNA document and set the tone for the rest of our partnerships.


A brand review provides an insight into gaining a fundamental understanding of where your established brand stands with your consumers and competition, as well as your business’ marketing and branding pain points. From here we are able to accurately put together a suggested scope of works and make solid recommendations. As this brand review is tailored to your pain points, we are able to provide a flexible and customisable review plan.

& Positioning

In this workshop we evaluate where your brand is currently positioned in the market, your competitors, key audience factors and which future opportunities lie within the marketing and operational market spaces. This is a key workshop for any business looking to rebrand or dominate a new market.


Specialising in building brands, we start off brand invention at its core. Here we develop your brand purpose, core value proposition, industry brand positioning, brand story, tone of voice, values and mission. Any DNA branding elements that arise during this process will also be developed and included here. Once this culture is solidified, we can apply the internal brand identity to key messaging and the creative identity of your brand.

Key Messaging
& Campaign

We strategise, develop and roll out brand strategy campaigns centred on positive key messaging, services or products. Once we develop your key messaging, we are able to expand the brief to encompass an entire brand campaign rollout through various mixed media deliverables.


Being experts in digital UX and UI design, we are able to strategise the best pathway for your customers to interact with your digital assets. We do this by assessing and understanding your user’s journey through the digital platforms and improving this experience to ensure you maintain a competitive advantage. We are then able implement these findings and improve the look, feel and development of your digital assets.