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Building Brand Connections

The Branding Lab is a collaborative branding agency that strategises and creates holistic experiences between brands and their audience. Utilising human centered design, we unlock a new energy to grow your business and branded environment. Our team takes on a curious and imaginative approach to creative planning and clearly defining your brand. We are experts at understanding what lies at the heart of your business in order to develop brands and spaces that deeply connect with your audience. It is through this understanding that we align and execute all branding aspects to fill any gaps in your business processes and in turn increase market share, competitive advantage, team productivity and ROI.


Creative Director & Brand Ambassador

We “buy-in” to your brand, we uncover insights that help provide you with a clear point of difference. We understand your core business objectives and help you innovate, disrupt and connect to a meaningful audience through your brand and your environment.


"We had great chemistry."

Linda Spina

Brand Manager

Elvina Nadia

Lead Designer

Shaun Da Silva

Digital Designer

Jonica San Juan


Chanel Wardini

Social Media Coordinator

James Daher


Aaron Maxwell

Digital Designer